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Increase your sales revenue through short term activities.

Why do you need Campaigns?

Toolyt's Campaign module has been introduced to allow Sales Managers to increase their conversions and set short-term activities. This is set for a specific time period and could be highly useful during the low sales season or during the end of the financial year.

As a result of analyzing team activities from Insights, sales managers can now set activities that will increase revenue. So, by using the Campaign module, a quantifiable goal can be set, which will provide the Sales Executive with a clear deadline and the number of conversions required to reach the goal.

What does Campaign feature include?

  1. You can choose from a wide range of conversion activities such as Lead stage, Forms and Visits. In a sales cycle, these activities hold the highest importance, as each of these modules is interrelated to the other.

  2. Choose campaign participants based on team and designation: You can select campaign participants based on team, individual users, or designations. There is no limit to the number of users or teams that can be selected.

  3. Set a timeline to achieve your campaign objectives: Campaigns are usually short-term activities, but users may choose the duration (there are no restrictions) i.e. the start and end dates based on their sales needs.

  4. Track conversion stages to meet revenue goals: Just setting up doesn't do the job. The campaign feature also helps you track activity with real-time insights. Here you can identify the participants, end date reminder and overall progress of the campaign.

How to enable campaign feature in Toolyt?

Campaign feature can only be enabled by the admin through admin configurations.

Step 1: Select 'Admin Configuration' from the top right corner of the Toolyt dashboard.

Step 2: Choose 'Add-Ons' which is under the Apps & Automation category from the left side menu bar.

Step 3: Select (tick) 'Campaign' from the lists of Add-Ons.

Step 4: The feature will be automatically enabled, once the Campaign feature is selected.

How Admin can enable Campaign feature based on designation level?

Step 1: Select 'Admin Configuration' from the top right corner of the Toolyt dashboard.

Step 2: Select 'Users' which is under the 'Manage' category from the left side of the menu bar.

Step 3: From the 'Levels' section click on the 'Edit' icon (under 'Action') of respective levels.

Step 4: Select (tick) the 'Campaign' option.

Step 5: Choose the appropriate privileges such as Add, Edit, and Delete depending on the designation level.

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