Lead Score

Identify the right prospects and increase the sales conversions.

Why do you need Lead Score?

During a sales journey, every sales executive strives to convert the maximum number of leads into customers. It is not uncommon for them to focus all their energy on this particular mindset. However, in reality, we know that not every lead is your customer and not every lead will be suitable for upsells and cross sells of your products. Another key aspect is the fact that not every lead has the ability to buy your product, especially when loans are involved and repaying loans is an equally crucial objective.

Lead Score is nothing but a method of assigning scores to the leads. With the help of Lead Score you will be able to identify the right prospect for your business requirements. This will automatically help you to focus more on these prospects. Saving time and eliminating guesswork ensures hot leads cross through the conversion funnel. The parameters are set based on preset criteria, lead activity and conditions.

How to enable Lead Score in Toolyt?

Lead Score feature can only be enabled by the admin through admin configurations.

Step 1: Select 'Admin Configuration' from the top right corner of the Toolyt dashboard.

Step 2: Choose 'Add-Ons' which is under the Apps & Automation category from the left side menu bar.

Step 3: Select 'Lead Score' MicrosoftTeams-image-(24).png from the lists of Add-Ons.

Step 4: The feature will be automatically enabled, once the Lead Score feature is selected.

Setting up Lead Score

Step 1: Select 'Admin Configuration' from the top right corner of the Toolyt dashboard.

Step 2: Select 'Lead Score' which is under the 'Manage' category from the left side of the menu bar.

Step 3: Click on 'Add' on the right corner of Lead Score dashboard.

Step 4: Select 'Criteria' and choose the required parameters (CIBIL, Forms) from the dropdown.

Step 5: If 'Forms' is selected, choose the required forms from the dropdown.

Note: Forms dropdown contains the list of forms customized based on your business requirement.

Step 6: Choose the 'Form Fields' of the selected form from the dropdown.

Step 7: Select the conditions so as to compare the inserted value with the preset conditional value.

Note: Conditions include, Equal to, Not equal to, Less than, Less than equal to, Greater than, Greater than equal to and Between.

Step 8: Set the 'Criteria Value' to be compared with form field value.

Step 9: Set Lead Score Value for the set parameter.

Step 10: You can add more conditions to assign lead score values by clicking on ' + ' icon. Similarly you can remove a condition by clicking on ' - ' icon.

Step 11: Click on 'Save' button.


Configurations in Lead Score

Lead Score doesn't have any complex settings. The only setting feature involved is to select different stages to generate the score.

Step 1: Select the 'Settings' tab from the right corner of Lead Score Dashboard.

Step 2: Select different stages to generate the score.

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