Auto Calculation

It is often found that a wrong calculation can cause huge risk in business. Even a misplacement of a decimal point will change figures in multitude. With this in mind the Auto Calculation feature has been introduced to ease the process of calculating values.  

The feature also helps you to create expressions or formulas by taking values from different forms as well as fields.  

Setting up Auto Calculation: 

Step 1: Select 'Admin Configuration' from the profile tab.

Step 2: Select 'Form' which is under 'Manage' category. 

Step 3: Click on 'Add new Form’ or you may choose an existing form from the manage tab.

Note: Multiple entry forms cannot be used for auto calculation.

Step 4: Select ‘Manage Form Properties’ icon from respective from.

Step 5: Drag and drop ‘Decimal Field’ from the Form Elements. 

Note: Auto Calculation works only in Decimal Field.

Note: Maximum value in decimal box should be less than or equal to 20.

Step 6: Click on 'Settings' icon and select 'Use Auto Calculation'

Step 7: Click on 'Build' button to set up auto calculation expressions.  

Step 8: Now build the required expression by selecting required forms and fields to get values from

Note: The expression must follow BODMAS rule and expressions cannot be copy pasted. 

Step 9: Click on 'Validate and Save' button in right below corner of expression dialogue box.

Step 10: Click on 'Save' button in the element setting box.


 Fig 1: Form decimal field and element settings box

Building Expressions

Step 1: Click on 'Build' button of the specific decimal field in the element settings box.

Step 2: A 'Build Expression' box comes with forms, fields, expression options.

Step 3: Now select the 'Forms' from the dropdown from which the expression field must be taken for auto calculation. Ex: Form name is Loan details.

Step 4: After selecting the form choose the specific 'Field' from the selected form. Ex: Loan amount field in Loan details form.

Step 5: In the expression box the selected field comes now choose the operators.

Step 6: Similarly choose multiple fields from different forms to fulfill the auto calculation expression.

Step 7: If there is possibility for decimal values, then you can select how many values you want to display from the 'Element Setting Box'

Note: The expression must follow BODMAS rule and expressions cannot be copy pasted. 

Note: You can use choose multiple forms and fields to set up auto calculation.


Fig 2: Expression builder box

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