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Campaign - Manager View

Increase your sales revenue through short term activities.

Through campaign feature manager's can create a short term goals to make create revenue generation with a specific set of actions. Not only that, the senior managers can also analyze the data on a real time basis with different metrics such as no of participants, activities, percentage completed, expiry date etc.

With these data you can understand days required to convert different activities, performance of participants in completing time based goal, goals that are easily attainable etc.


Campaign Screen Explained


  1. There are basically 6 filters in campaign. Using campaign name you can search for a specific campaign details.

  2. Sorting can be done to see new, old campaigns.

  3. An extra search button helps you to find your campaign from the list.

  4. Using this you can choose the number of campaigns that must be listed in a single page.

  5. This helps to create a new campaign.

  6. It shows the activities that are enabled for a particular campaign through icons i.e. stage, visits, calls, forms.

  7. Here you can edit, delete and cancel any active campaign. Whereas for any successful or expired campaigns it shows as completed and expired respectively.


In campaign listing page, there are basically 4 color codes used to indicate campaigns in different stages.

Yellow = Active campaign

Green = Successfully completed campaign

Grey = Cancelled campaign

Red = Expired campaign

Create a Campaign

Step 1: Select the Campaign icon and click on Add Campaign, a box appears.

Step 2: Set a Campaign Name and select the start and end date.

Step 3: Select the participants and assign them based on team, user, or designation. 

Note: If 'Team/User/Designation' is selected, 'Assign to teams/users/designation' option comes. Here you can multiselect the options from the dropdown.

Step 4: Select the modules such as Leads, Customers, Channels to be covered from the dropdown.

Note: You cannot multiselect the modules from the dropdown.

Step 5: Now select the 'Activities' from the dropdown. You can choose multiple activities.

Step 6: Now set the target i.e. 'Number of stages/visits/forms/calls' a single user should achieve.

Note: If in 'Activities' forms and stages are selected, then you will get an additional field to select forms or stages to be filled or completed.

Step 7: Provide 'instructions' and 'rewards' if necessary.

Step 8: After that click on 'Add' button


Note: A manager can also create campaigns from his Toolyt mobile app. Know more.

Analyzing a Campaign

A manager can get real time insights of the campaign based on the assigned users activities. Once the campaign icon is clicked he/she can get a basic overview of the campaign.

image.pngHere it shows the name, ID, activities, number of participants and how many participants completed entire allocated activities.

When you click on the campaign title you can get even more detailed information.


In the red box you can see the campaign name, days left, number of user who have completed all activities and total participants.

In the green box, you can see the percentage achieved in completing an activity and the total activities done.

In the violet box, it show each user activity status.

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