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In the below article we shall discuss how a user from senior level and junior level can view a leaderboard through Toolyt mobile app.

Note: Senior level users can only view the leaderboard both in web and app.

View leaderboard

Step 1: Login with credentials

Step 2: Click on 'Leaderboard' tab in the 'Overview' page.

Leaderboard tab explained


  1. You can click on multiple category tab such as 'Today, Week, Month, Quarter' to find the rankings of users.

  2. There is filter option on the top right corner, where in you can apply date filters, while in specific category. (For ex: you can apply date filter in any category to see rankings in between specific dates)

    Note: In the date filter, the start date and end date will have specific duration, you can't select anything beyond the specific number of days i.e. Week = 7 days, Month = 30/31 days, Quarter = 3 months

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