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Leaderboard - Manager View

Monitor KPIs for enhanced productivity.

Leaderboard helps to allocate credits to crucial activities for different designations. This will help a manager to analyze his teams performance as well as understand who is performing better than the other.

It makes it easier for a manager to recommend names to higher authorities for reward or even for a performance review. Through this feature you will know how much the users have scored in each activity as well as see the ranking list on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly basis.

View leaderboard

Step 1: Login with your credentials and click on 'Teams' on the Toolyt menu bar.

Step 2: Click on 'Leaderboard' . A leaderboard window opens up.


Leaderboard screen explained


  1. There are basically three filters, i.e. Team, Designation and Users. By using this filter you can check the ranking of a specific team or specific designation.

  2. Leaderboard is shown on the basis of data on the present day, weekly, monthly, quarterly as well as till date (from the day Toolyt was configured in your organization)

    Note: Numbers in each category indicates the number of users present in the leaderboard.

  3. Search bar option helps you to search for any specific users.

  4. You can choose the number of users that must be listed in a page by selecting the dropdown (i.e. 15, 20 etc.).

  5. The number highlighted in blue, (in the left side of a user card) indicates the ranking of the user.

  6. The number highlighted in grey, (in the right side of a user card) indicates the score he/she has got.

    Note: By clicking on the score, you can view the scores user got in each activity


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