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Aadhaar Masking - Manager View

Now make your customer data secure.

Aadhaar is a very important piece of document for any citizen of India, hence it is very important to make sure the data captured are secure, and any user of the organization has zero access to the data.

Here we are going to discuss how Aadhaar masking functionality works in a form, and what all data can the manager see.

Note: In web you can only upload image formats.

If Aadhaar number field exist in a form:

Note: Here the admin drag and dropped number field and enabled Aadhaar masking into the form.

Here the first eight digits will be truncated and asterisks(*) will be added to the placeholders. For Eg:********1212. Even while entering, the first eight will be truncated while typing.

Once the form is filled you can click on 'Save' button.


If Aadhaar image fields exists in a form:

Note: Here the admin drag and dropped image field into the form and enabled Aadhaar masking into the form.

A users can add forms, either by clicking on a lead, deal, customer profiles.

Step 1: Click on lead/customer/deal profile

Step 2: Click on 'Form' and select 'Add' button.

Step 3: Once you select the form, click on plus icon and select the Aadhaar to be uploaded.


Step 4: Now click on 'Save' button.

Note: In lead profile, you can download the uploaded Aadhaar in pdf.




Fig 1: Masked Aadhaar front image


Fig 2: Masked Aadhaar front bottom image


Fig 3: Masked Aadhaar back image

If complete Aadhaar details fields exist in a form:

If the form contains text field and image field then using earlier steps you can fill in details and result would be as given above.

Note: Masking enabled in Aadhaar OCR works only in mobile app not in web.

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