Aadhaar Masking

In the below article we shall discuss how a user from senior level and junior level use forms with Aadhaar fields.

Step 1: Login with your credentials. Click on the 'Menu' icon on the right bottom corner.


Step 2: Click on Leads/Customers/Deals/Service from the menu lists page.


Step 3: Now click on the profile where you want to add the form.

Step 4: To 'Add forms' either slide through the menu bar and choose 'Forms'


Step 4.1: Click on the 'plus' icon in bottom right corner and click on 'Forms'.


Step 5: Now select the form which has Aadhaar fields.

If the form has Aadhaar number field and image Field as given below:


Step 6.1: Enter the the Aadhaar number here first eight digits gets truncated.

Step 6.2: Click on the 'Take a Photo' and you will get a dialogue box to choose from gallery or using camera.

Step 6.3: Click on 'Submit' button once all the images are taken.

If the Form has Aadhaar OCR field enabled with masking as given below:


Step 7.1: Click on 'Take Photo', you will get a camera screen to click the front and back images.

Note: Once you click the front image of Aadhaar, next camera screen comes automatically to click Aadhaar back image.


Step 7.2: Once the images are clicked, the OCR shall detect the name, Aadhaar number and address and fill it automatically.


Step 7.3: Click on 'Submit' button once all the images are taken.

Note: Once the forms are submitted, the Aadhaar images will get automatically masked.


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