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Visit with stage control

It is often found in the BFSI that there are a few stages wherein it is necessary for a few designations, such as Credit Officer, Credit Manager or BDM, to visit the customer place and then fill in the forms. Visit with stage control helps to bring restrictions such as only when a particular user (designation-wise) completes a particular visit at a specific stage he/she will be allowed to move the stage from Stage A to B. If not no one will be able to move the stage.

Configuring visit with stage control

Step 1: Click on 'Admin Configuration' and select 'Leads/Customers' from the 'Manage' category.

Step 2: Click on the 'Progress' tab.

Step 3: Click on the 'stage permission' icon under 'Action' category near to the progress.


Step 4: Once clicked, 'workflow - stage update rules' modal comes.


Step 5: Once 'On completion of visit' is enabled, a 'Visit Restriction' window pops up.


Step 6: Select those 'Designations' from the dropdown, who must make the visit. And set the number of 'visits to be completed'.

Note: By clicking on the '+' icon you can add multiple designations.

Step 7: Click on save button in 'visit restriction' window as well as 'workflow stage update' modal.


Note: You can edit the visit restriction by clicking on 'Edit' icon in the 'Action' category.

Note: When 'Ignore Schedule' is enabled, then the user (designation) can update to that particular stage even if there is another visit to be completed.

Ex: Suppose a credit manager has two visits to be made on a particular day, and he completes only one. Here, when the 'ignore schedule' is enabled, the user can update that visit to that stage even though there exists an incomplete visit. Whereas if it isn't enabled, the user cannot update the visit as there exist an incomplete visit.

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